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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

As promised here is the second post of the day!

This was a Classic Themed Meeting we had a while ago in a nice cozy tea room. The atmosphere was wonderful, they had Classical music playing in the background and also Jazz I think. The food was super delicious, I need to go back there to eat their delicious cakes/crepes/scones and teas again! *- *
I borrowed the dress and bolero from my friend Lyra and she borrowed my Innocent World (the plum colored one that I barely use, poor dress ._.)

Their bathroom was covered in mirror! There wasn't a single wall in sight! So much fun with endless imagery xD

I had a Crepe with Chocolate and Cream and Iced Berries Tea.

I look too excited about the cupcake boxes in this picture, so creepy ahah o.o" But they were so cute..

I love this picture! Not only because of the setting (window) but because of the light , the poses and it's the only one where my braid is remotely visible :P

This is the whole bunch, aren't they all lovely in classic? ^_^ I love how we're all so light-colored and wearing gentle classic styles with flowers <3

I also made some videos, I'm just leaving here one of them, of us in front a mirrored wall-window, it's just basically goofing around, nothing much.

Daily Lolita, going home on the subway.

And that's it for today :)
Next posts will be about my trip to the Theater to see a Japanese play and some more casual coordinates.
Thank you for reading <3


Hanae Fayette said...

You look so lovely, the dress looks so good on you! And the cupcake boxes are very cute, indeed!


Hanabira Keiko said...

@Hanae Fayette: Thank you! :D Those boxes were a bit expensive for my taste but so adorable, perfect for storing hats or headbows ^^

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