On the mail!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Hi there,

Happy New Year! How was you Christmas and New Year's Eve? mine was just like another normal day.

I got 2 things I really wanted for Christmas; my new laptop and a dress form for my Lolita dresses!

I really needed this new laptop and it's AMAZING! big screen, amazing image quality, great processor, and what I like the most.. superb sound system complete with a mini subwoofer *w*
And I really wanted to show the dress form with a coordinate I put on but my camera still doesn't work and I don't want to show its splendor with just my cellphone camera...

Since Christmas always means getting some pocket money, I went on a shopping spree and decided to spend it on...

Cute USB Hub for a friend (in the mail!)

The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Triforce Decal

I chose it in gold! and it just arrived today! I couldn't wait until I applied it to my beautiful laptop <3
Here is a photo of the it on my laptop aaaaaand! bonus picture with my special edition 3DS!

So proud of my babies *_*

And lastly... I reserved Cupidon de l'amour (purple) from Juliette et Justine!!! It's a trully amazing piece, I fell in love with it when I saw the pictures in the KERA shop. I'm not really sure I got it though.. since it was a reservation and it was the last one available I just have to wait for confirmation.
Even if I don't get it, here are some beautiful pictures!

Aaaand I'm still waiting for my Rabbit and Missing Letters JSK to arrive ;__; (in the mail!)

And that's all for a quick update, I do want to spend more money on stuff.. like buy that amazing Ocarina of Time I've been eyeing for a year or simply just buy another Juliette et Justine dress.. or maybe even another star trek badge! ohhh why do I want so many materialistic things? :\

I'm just really lucky to have all that I have at the moment.
I should be starting to sell most of my sweet wardrobe once my exams are over and I fix my camera! I'm really really growing out of sweet, I just feel I don't have the spirit or courage to put the cutesy outfits together and walk around town with them. And I've been so smitten with some recent classic pieces that I feel it's those pieces that are going to take me back to being a "daily" Lolita again!

Ah that's it for now.. what about you? Expecting anything exciting in the mail? ;)

P.S.: I'm sorry I can't reply to comments, for some reason the layouts I choose don't have any reply button.. but every comment is loved and aprecciated, thank you so much for reading :)