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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hello again,
Today I'm going to post about a casual outfit I wore at work and with my parents. This was a Saturday and I call it Japanese-culture Day! :D
I conviced my parents and boyfriend to come with me for some Tea, Castella and Macarons at Castella do Paulo and afterwards to see a typical Japanese Theater play, Noh, called Sorin.

This was my outfit for the first part of the day, I love pairing sweet black designs with leather and studs for a more rock/punk vibe. I didn't realize at first but when I looked in the mirror my outfit totally looked like something that Deka Wanko would wear to sniff out the bad guys lol :P
My hair deflated since morning because I had no hairspray.. I had too massive ponytail balls of puffness :P

And then I changed clothing for a more sophisticated look to go to the Theater. I ate two types of macarons at Castella do Paulo; a raspberry one and a chocolate one, and finally tried the Green Tea Milkshake. Its strangely good, weird at first but sort of addictive :P

Lol my dad is stealing my milkshake xD He didn't like it though.


I was wearing a very dead petticoat, just for a bit of silhouette.

I need to buy golden shoes.. I love pairing gold with stuff now, it looks so regal! *o*

The Theater! That chandelier was so big and amazing..

I couldn't take pictures of the play, it was all spoken in ancient Japanese with flutes and drums. It was awesome even though I didn't understand one bit. The Japanese Ambassador explained the story of Sorin before the play started, so I always tried to remember it when seeing the movements, but there wasn't much action so it was difficult to follow..

All in all it was a very tiring but fun day. Thank you Mom and Dad and Boyfriend for the wonderful time :)


Now to another topic; this was a casual Gyaru-inspired outfit I wore for work the other day. I've seen girls in the online catalogues and J-Magazines wearing a shirt with a knot at front, and I have a shirt that is now too big on me and it looks awkward, so I've decided to emulate that look with a jumpsuit. I love jumpsuits now, I didn't even like them but they grew on me because of Lolita salopettes and now the cute jumpsuits I see in Gyaru have stolen my heart!
I need to get some cute heeled sandals, really <_<

I'm sorry about the extinguisher.. this was taken at work and I have better lighting in this part of the room.
And that's it for this post, next time I'll be posting some pictures about my first Hime-Lolita try :)
Thank you once more for reading <3


lyra said...

i love your style *-* you rock not only lolita, but anything you set your mind to.

and i think you should consider a modeling career. girl, those poses on the last outfit? you'r fierce!!!

Hanabira Keiko said...

@lyra: Aw thank you =)it's weird some years agora I wasn't really into fashion but now I love to buy clothes from different styles and mix them up xD
You flatter me too much *_* I could never be a model, I'm not tall enough and I'm not skinny enough ;<

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