The Cold days and the Asian Goodness!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hello cookies,

Well I've been very sick these last couple of weeks, first I had what I thought was a common cold, sneezing, coughing, runny nose, sore throat, all that stuff.. but then I got really sick and started to have a fever, my body was aching all over and I felt very very weak, I tried to hold on throughout a couple of days like this, with some medicine I had at home, but I even had to skip work because I almost reached 40º C of fever and even with the meds it wouldn't go down, I got worried and had no one to take care of me.. I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, I could barely move.. so after that I made an urgent appointment with my family doctor and he prescribed some usual stuff for colds and also an Antibiotic. And after a while I started to get better and was all cheerful again, when something hit me and I got sick.... Again!

Well this time was an acute gastric pain, followed by a diffuse abdominal pain. I was at work when this happened, I had to call my grandparents to take me to the hospital to the urgency ward because I could barely move due to the pain.
The doctor said it was a side effect of the Antibiotic I was taking for the previous illness, so I stopped it and he proceeded to prescribe more medical goodness <_< I hate taking meds and now I had 3 more to take, yay for me ._.
So yeah I spent some days really ill, and had to watch whatever I ate and be very careful not to catch much cold outside..

But in the meanwhile I also made a video! When I felt better of course ^^ It's a my first video, and although I thought I would be making it about Lolita, it is about Asian foods. Yes Asian foods I bought at a store I found   earlier! They're awesome, I love those stores, it's a whole world of weird and delicious food for me to try!
I'm sorry I'm not in Lolita garments either, but I will make a Lolita video soon as I'm waiting for some things to arrive! :D
Well, here goes, sorry for the nervousness and the weird pauses and the mistakes.. since it's not my mother language I was a bit nervous at first and sometimes I had the word stuck in my head but they didn't come out on time.. :x

You might need to turn the volume up a bit.. I'm going to try and find a free software to edit the sound in future.

Some more photos from these last weeks!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

As promised, here are some more photos of stuff I did last year..

This was something I wore to go eat sushi. I was in a slump so I decided to go to the japanese near my workplace that has the most awesome variety of foods, it's seriously the best japanese "buffet" I ever ate! Just thinking about it makes my mouth water! I was get happy when I eat sushi (^_^)-b

I seriously love those "California" rolls, all the maki (specially the salmon and tuna and surimi ones) and my ult imate delight is salmon sashimi, I can eat tons of it and never grow tired!
After lunch was time to get back  to work, a friend passed by to lend me some anime cd's and he took a quick shot of the outfit I wore.

I tried a casual classic/sweet, altough that fawn fur didn't work out as well as I thought.. And I need a true white bag, that Ivory one isn't really ideal but it'll have to work until I get myself a nice classic white bag. Also.. I'm thinking of decorating my headphones decoden style with lots of cabochon and bling bling rhinestones.

Next was a kind of a Birthday party for a Lolita friend, Filipa (she is the blonde one in the group picture <3). Me and some girls met at the National Patisserie to have some tea and little cakes, but they didn't have much at the time, and there was lots of people inside so they messed up some of our orders! Ahah, but nothing bothersome happened and it was a delightful afternoon :) We also had a secret santa and we exchanged some gifts, I didn't get mine because my gift were earrings and I don't have my ears pierced.. so oops :x 
I wore my Happy Garden OP and twinned with my friend Carina, she has the OP in pink and I have it in lavender :D I tried a little OTT sweet again, with lots of accessories, bows, frills.. I did two hair braids and pinned them to the top of my head, I loved how it came out! Unfortunately after the meeting I had to go to the biggest mall in town to meet my parents, and which was absolutely crumpled with people (last minute shopping for Christmas gifts), and being so pink and lavender and so OTT in my frills I stood out quite a lot , I usually don't get myself in such crowded places while I'm this dolled-up... I just remembered I lost my triple macaron necklace ;_; have to make another one..

The cake I ate! It has a little sugar swan in the middle!

My twin :D I love twinning! Her headbow is amazing right? She made it herself from the waist ties!

And finally a shot of our group, there were few of us but lot of variety! One Classic, one EGA, two sweet and the birthday girl was a mixture of sweet/punk. It was cool seeing many styles in a small meeting.

And after that I had to make some cupcake necklaces that my "mother-in-law" asked of me, she asked if I could make Hello Kitty themed ones for a little girl she knew and for my boyfriend's niece. So I did. I took the chance and experimented with some glaze sauce and with my translucent silicone! I really like how they turned out.

That's it for today, more will come tomorrow! Kisses 

Hello New Year!

Hello, and Happy new Year! :) Hope everyone had nice and relaxed holidays. 
My holidays weren't exactly happy and relaxed, but it's better than working right? 
I'm going to make a mega photo-dump post because I have so many pictures I want to share since the last time I updated :P

So here goes.. I won't explain much, just basic information about any other picture and situation.

Hope you like them 

This outfit I wore for a date with my boyfriend (December 1st 2010) and we took some shots for my local Lolita Community Christmas Contest, which I won! I was so surprised really, especially because the other girls that entered the Contest had all AMAZING coordinates and mine was so plain compared to theirs. I think all of them were beautiful and I feel happy that so many people voted for me and thought I was worthy of winning. Thank you <3

We have a Carrossel and a Skating Rink downtown, I organized a meeting with my local Lolitas so we can go ride the ponies and skate :D

We were suppossed to go eat some macarons at Castella do Paulo at the end of the day, but things didn't go that well and I went home alone. My boyfriend eventually got home later because I was worried and it was very cold and raining at night. Everything worked out in any case.

I'm unsure if I should make these single posts for every event or separate.. I think I'll make double dumps in each post, so it doesn't get too cluttered :]

Now on to the next Photo-dump!

Next is my outfit for the International Lolita Day. We had a wonderful meeting in Porto in the Grand Hotel (which had beautiful decoration!) and lots of people came to celebrate! We drank some tea, coffee and milk and orange juice, ate some sandwiches and some mini-pastries and also had a surprise santa gift exchange! I got some artwork from one of the girls, and I got very happy with it because I'm a fan of her artwork, I don't have any pictures but you should totally check her out! -

My outfit is pretty much the same as the one I used for the Contest, except since it was International Lolita Day I decided to go a bit overboard and try an OTT Sweet-classy Wintery coord. I added a white wig, and some gold sparkles in the cardigan! It would've been perfect if I had managed to get my Blue Circle lenses and my fake lashes on, but unfortunately they didn't work out.. I'm also hunting for a pair of golden shoes, so I can shine even more in this outfit!

So what do you think? Gold sparkle much? xD I was really high with golden stuff this winter, I went nuts trying to find a golden cardigan, I was so happy when I found it!

I'm a Queen! Ahaha! This hotel had the cutest pillows 

With Vânia and Ana. Vânia was very sweet and let Ana and me and another girl spend the night at her place, which is AWESOME btw

Sorry Vânia, I had to put this picture up because it looks like I'm stealing your soul :P

At the table, with all the munchies and taking care of the gifts

And this is the whole group, thank you all for the wonderful time, you're all beautiful 

So yeah, that's pretty much it for this post!
Thanks for watching