Lolita Memes

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I've seen two cute things I'd like to try!
The first one is a 10items-7outfits Challenge! I've seen it here, on the international EGL community, and I found it to be super interesting! As I have mostly classic and sweet in my closet, I'm going to try and avoid doing outfits that fit right into those categories and be all creative and Kera-like! I'm actually quite excited about this, because for a while now, I've been wanting to deviate a bit from the normal by-the-book styles and mix and match some normal clothing with my Lolita garments. This will be very fun to do! I'll try to do this one soon, but I don't really have much spare time..

The second Lolita meme I want to follow and do for myself is one I found on this blog here, but I wanted to make a few alterations to fit an all-Lolita purpose! 

So here is my Lolita version of the "Let´s Play Dress-up: Photo Challenge!"

How does it work?
- Post a picture of yourself on each day, or each week, if you' re a busy bee like me and barely have time to takes any pictures at all!

Day 1: 
The real you, the normal, average you. You should take a picture of a casual daily style you usually wear, be it Lolita or not. Just be your comfortable self.

Day 2: 
 Look badass. Do a Punk Lolita or mix and match some hardcore elements into your favorite dress!

Day 3: 
Today you love school. Bring out your inner nerd. Are you a Science nerd? Literature? Art? Maybe a Gaming nerd? Do a school inspired Lolita outfit or show us your nerd love for books or that old Mario game!

Day 4: 
Time to model! Choose one of your favorite models from Kera or GLB and  try to emulate their style! (you can choose Lolita or any other fashion your chosen model portraits).

Day 5: 
Time to look different. Choose a complete opposite/different style of what you are used to wearing. If you're Sweet try Gothic, if you're Classic try Punk.. just push yourself to be creative in a style you are not familiar with and not remotely used to wearing.

Day 6: 
Date time! Look as formal as you can be, dress extra fancy for that special someone or even just a night out at the cinema/opera.

Day 7: 
Pretend it's the weekend. Look scrub. Many Lolitas use cute slippers, shorts or parkas while chilling at home, show us how do you chill while still looking cute, fresh-out-of-bed cute! (RULE: don't use any make up, don't do your hair, don't fix your nails!).

Day 8: 
Time to spin this around. Look like the opposite sex. Do a Kodona /Aristocrat/Dandy.

Day 9: 
Old-school time! It's all about the memories! Bring out your oldest piece and do an old-school look! If you're still new you can try and search for inspiration in old GLB's and make do with what you have in your closet!

Day 10: 
How about some "cosplay" ? *gulp* Try to emulate your favorite anime/manga/tv show/movie character in a tasteful Lolita style!

Day 11: 
Now you're a star! Emulate the idol-model of your favorite brand! Mana from Moi-meme-Moitié or Misako Aoki from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, whichever you like most! (tip: make-up, hair-do's, posing will be a must!).

Day 12: 
 Look traditional. You can try a Wa-Lolita style or try and incorporate your own country's culture in an outfit!

Day 13: 
Make every day count. Dress yourself in a coordinate you find meaningful to you and describe that feeling to the world in only one quote.

Day 14: 
Look like someone you admire in real life, try to emulate their style and then put a picture of them next to yours.

Day 15: 
End of the journey. Say bye-bye in your usual style again, just like your first picture, so after all that dress-up people can still remember how you looked like in your most casual style.

And that's about it! I'll try to do my best in following all the themes and be creative, I hope you feel inspired and try to do the meme as well! I'll be posting a different outfit each weekend (unless I get sick or something) because it's really the only time I have for myself. Bye-bye!