And the double is here :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

As promised here is the second post of the day!

This was a Classic Themed Meeting we had a while ago in a nice cozy tea room. The atmosphere was wonderful, they had Classical music playing in the background and also Jazz I think. The food was super delicious, I need to go back there to eat their delicious cakes/crepes/scones and teas again! *- *
I borrowed the dress and bolero from my friend Lyra and she borrowed my Innocent World (the plum colored one that I barely use, poor dress ._.)

Their bathroom was covered in mirror! There wasn't a single wall in sight! So much fun with endless imagery xD

I had a Crepe with Chocolate and Cream and Iced Berries Tea.

I look too excited about the cupcake boxes in this picture, so creepy ahah o.o" But they were so cute..

I love this picture! Not only because of the setting (window) but because of the light , the poses and it's the only one where my braid is remotely visible :P

This is the whole bunch, aren't they all lovely in classic? ^_^ I love how we're all so light-colored and wearing gentle classic styles with flowers <3

I also made some videos, I'm just leaving here one of them, of us in front a mirrored wall-window, it's just basically goofing around, nothing much.

Daily Lolita, going home on the subway.

And that's it for today :)
Next posts will be about my trip to the Theater to see a Japanese play and some more casual coordinates.
Thank you for reading <3

Prepare for trouble! ...and make it double!

I've been slacking off in the update department huh?
I've realized I haven't been posting any photos of meet-ups and stuff I've been doing.. so now I'm gonna start updating in pairs until I've covered all the stuff I have here to share :P

First I wanted to share these outfits that have been sitting in my camera since last year/early this year. I know I have more but can't seem to find them (I'm so unorganized..).
So here goes!

These were some winter outfits, I love pairing greens and browns and blacks in winter :)

This is an outfit when it suddenly became hot hot hot! I was so excited about the warm weather I decided to do a very summery coordinate :D

 Oh no! Lolita without a blouse! The scandal!

But don't worry, I have a cardigan ^_^

And this was for an interview.. well that magazine interview article was a total crap and I got really upset because they distorted all my words, I came out as a spoiled arrogant brat.. but whatever, you learn from your mistakes right? :) 
I was representing sweet. 

 Here are the scans of the magazine, it has better pictures I guess..

On another note, I was total indecisive about what to wear on International Lolita Day.. I even asked some opinions and suggestions but ended up not wearing any of the 3 outfits I wanted to wear ;_;
Why? Because it was a Saturday.. and I work on Saturdays.. the things was, I was going out of town after I got off from work, and to top it off I woke up early and didn't have enough time to doll myself up in the morning (I was so late for work..) so I just put some casual sweet coord on and engaged WARP8 to work.
So this is what came out, sorry for the awful picture but I really didn't have much more time to waste..

And that's pretty much it for this post.. let's make it double! xD


Thursday, June 9, 2011

So.. the meeting I was really looking forward to go got canceled.. ;| 
It's sad because I wanted to meet my friends and have fun fun fun T^T

I was inspired by my friend Miaww's post about random facts of yourself and decided to dig up some stupid facts about myself too :D

1 - I'm so afraid of mosquitoes I scream and tumble off chairs/beds or run away the moment I see one (just like a crazy person).

2 - When I was about 10 I was playing by my bedroom door when I saw my dad cross the hall in front of me (and of course my door) to go into the bathroom, I went there to find the bathroom was empty and dark, went to the living room and my dad was asleep. I think this was my first time seeing either a ghost or an outer body experience of another person (is it possible to see the body of a person having an outer body experience?).

3 - From the age of 4/5 until this day I'm still convinced  that one night when I was trying to fall asleep with my usual bed-light, plushies and radio songs, I saw the outline of an alien roaming my room.

4 - I'm almost 24 and I still sleep with plushies.

5 - I like to eat Knorr Cubes (not whole, bit by bit).

6 - I have a crush on Byakuya (Bleach), L (Death Note) and Portgas D. Ace (One Piece).

7 - I used to be the leader of preschool. Who would've thought right? o.o

8 - I have a soul-freezing panic of being alone.

9 - I always lick both sides of Pringles (when they're flavored) before biting them.

10 - I can't go without chocolate for long. It's become an addiction and when my body is missing it I get in withdrawal, begin to get more nervous, more moody, more irrational, more whiny.

That's it :)
Please feel free to do one if you feel like it, I would love to see random facts about you :D

Dress me up

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I can't wait for next Sunday. 
We're having a dress-up meeting at a friend's place.
I miss my friends..

International Lolita Day?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

So this upcoming Saturday will be International Lolita Day.
I have to work in the morning and go out of town in the afternoon, I'm very indecise about what to wear.
I want to wear sweet, as I haven't been wearing it for a while, but a casual sweet. I was thinking of putting and OTT print with a casual jacket or cutsew and simple shoes, maybe even without socks because it's getting really hot.
I'm in between these 3:

Can you help me decide? 

What are your plans for Loliday? Are you staying home and indulging your inner princess, going to a tea-party, a close-friends meeting or just going out in your most adorable dress by yourself?