Back together

Friday, July 26, 2013

Wonderful days

Lately I can only be happy when I'm out of this god forsaken place, and with you.

Thank you, at the moment you're the only thing that keeps me sane.

Also, wow, I'm a carrot head.

Excuse me? Why are you blonde now?

And then it happened, my hair turned grey. Well, kinda.. 

This was a transformation I did in 1 week, I bleached my hair 4 times (yup, I know..), used toners, and finally grey dye. I'll be blogging about the [failed] experience and all the products I used in the next posts. I'll be continuing on my quest for silver hair. Or white, or just light grey!

Hurray for summer rock festivals, Queens of the Stone Age were A-MA-ZI-NG!

You're adorable <3

Bunny teeth :K

Unedited photos ftw!
Thank you for reading. Love~