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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just a quick update because I'm feeling very down today..
Today was one of those days you wish you'd stay locked at home tucked in your bed..
I had to deal with stupid people who think they know more than me (and know more about my job), people that think they are superior, people who are rude and hang up on me on the phone even though I'm trying to explain things to them, boyfriend problems, easter mini-vacation problems, even the cartridge of the game I'm playing popped out when I simply picked it up and the game erased to my last saved file (which was a few hours behind in game play)...

So yeah..

Anyways, things I love:

I finally bought Pokemon White for Nintendo DS, I wanted to buy this in time to receive the Liberty Pass in order to get Victiny. You only get it through the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection as a special event pokemon, and it ends the 22th this month.

The Victory Pokemon

Boyfriend has the Black Version so we will be able to trade as soon as I get my own 3DS.Yes I'm waiting for 3DS to be released and to drop the value a bit.. my boyfriend is convincing me to buy the 3DS instead of a normal one by showing me in game photos of The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time ;_; He knows I'm a total sucker for Zelda.. and in 3D! Gosh, more money spent...

Here is a shot of our 2 games laying on my lap :P Funny shot because the dress matches.

I also wanted to buy a fabulous Liz Lisa dress from the auctions,

 but ended up losing and so I went on a shopping rage and instead bought these:

A cute warm coat which goes well with Lolita too, and a nice flowy floral dress. I've decided I need more brown in my life, specially in Classic Lolita, I need some serious brown items in my closet.
(the pictures above are from the sellers, I will provide pictures myself once the items get home)

I'll only order my shopping service to ship the items maybe next month or even the next if I'm able, I spent all my money and more this month with 3 orders and now I'm kinda snug on finances... I'm ashamed.

I also reserved a skirt from Angelic Pretty, from the recent Sheep Garden Series. It's this one:

I chose the Skirt in Blue. I initially wanted the Jumperskirt with the neck straps because I adore neck straps and I love the tiers on the skirt part (I also realized I have not a single JSK from Angelic Pretty, only One Pieces o.o), but I went for the skirt because it's versatile and I didn't want to spend that much money...

I also committed financial suicide and ordered my first Juliette and Justine piece. I fell madly in love with it once I saw it modeled on GLB, it's just perfect!

What do you think ? I think it's breathtaking, very uncommon but so beautiful!

My bank account in now nearly 0 monies and this was all in the beginning of the month, I blew all my money just like that, how is this possible...
I also tried to put some effort in my make-up the other day, because if I'm going to try Gyaru I need to have mad make-up skills right? Please tell me what you think, it's just eye make-up but I don't use much make up to start with, so it was a real effort for me...

I put some green and pink eyeshadow to match the top I was wearing, eyeliner, silver shadow on the inner corner of the eye and fake lashes. Also some blush and pink lipstick and gloss. I didn't have foundation and concealer at the time, it ran out ;_;

That's it for today, need to get home but I'm not feeling very strong right now, there are sometimes when I feel weak facing the outside world, do you ever feel like that..?

Kisses, until next time

Lolita Meet at the Zoo

Hi :)

As I said in my last post our local community had a meeting at the Lisbon Zoo. It was tiring but fun. We ate sandwiches, cakes and raspberries, watched the aquatic animals show and the reptiles show, some of us cuddled snakes and others just chilled in the shadows :P It was a very warm and sunny day. I loved the meeting, thank you girls <3

I'll leave you with some photos and videos from the Dolphin and Sea Lions show.

This is what I wore:
JSK: Innocent World
Cardigan: L'est Rose (borrowed from my friend Carina)
Socks: Innocent World
Flower Garland: handmade by myself
Shoes: Anna House
Bag: Unknown (bought from the egl_sales)
[Backpack: Springfield Woman]

Our group!

(I'm totally pimping out the statue lol)

The picnic part!

The cute couple!

Some fun and random shots!

(In the tigers place)

(Backpack for the picnic)

(I like this picture because Cari looks so cute drinking!)

Some animals

This picture totally reminded me of Baloo from the Jungle Book:

The Reptile Show (we arrived late):

And the Aquatic Animals Show:

Focused Lolitas are Focused (this was at the beginning of the show)

I always loved how happy the dolphins look while playing around and doing their little tricks, what I love to see too is the trainers kissing them and hugging them while in the water, it shows deep affection :)

Here are the videos, first the Sea Lions, then the Dolphins.

Special thanks to Carina and Flávia for some of the photos! My camera died after filming the Dolphin show.

After the meeting we had a small interview for an internet magazine, it's not very good, the angles and zooming, also the editing look very poor and the whole thing was made a bit carelessly, but you can check it out if you know Portuguese.

Until next time :) 

I love animals

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hi :)

This afternoon I'm going to a Lolita meeting in our local Zoo! The Lisbon Zoo is one of the best in Europe, we've successfully bred many difficult species due to the extreme care and the great weather conditions we have here at the capitol. We also had a baby whale at some point, it was a few years back that he was caught on the shore, lost, without his mother. The survival rate for such whale infants in captivity is very very low, but this cute and cuddly baby whale, who they named "Nazaré", was monitored everyday, bottle fed, nurtured and cleaned with the utmost care :) He was very happy! I used to "babysit" Nazaré when I was a volunteer at the zoo. I went there from 8a.m. (the zoo opens at 10a.m.) to lunch time every Saturday, and I had to monitor his breath frequency, help preparing the food, warm it, put it in the bottles and help feeding through the tube! His food was a smelly gooey fishy porridge, but it kinda looked yummy ahah! Sometimes I didn't want to wake up that early on a weekend morning and just sleep and sleep, but when I got there and played with the whale it was very fun, I would sing to him and he would stay still near me, he would roll and belly up so I could cuddle his belly, and he even had tickles under his fins! It was really cute, and I have many fun memories of that infant :) I think they released him in the sea when he was ready and never made public that he was there in the Zoo, in a water tank away from the dolphins.
Nazaré is a Pilot Whale, one like this:

He had the cutest nose! x3 I miss cuddling him, he had such soft skin... I also volunteered at the Farm Animals place, the Dolphin Bay and the Birds Giant Cage! The Farm Animals were a handful, always had lots of work, but it was fun to guide the children and make them feel comfortable enough to pet the goats or the cow! The Giant Bird Cage was very fun as well, it's a cage like this

But in giant form! It's about 5 or 6 meters high,  and the birds roam free inside, you have there lots of different species, from parrots to toucans! What I did there was feed the birdies with fruit (I had to stick the fruit in the tree branches so it's more natural) and a fruity porridge they loved! I also had to guide the visitors and just be friendly :) You can walk in the cage and the birds are flying past you, above you, I used to make a parrot or two come to my arm and then transfer it to a visitor, or put a grain of their dry food in my mouth and the toucan would gently reach for it with his beak, not even touching my lips! Seems scary but it was very fun and rewarding because of the bonding experience ^^ I miss those days, I hope I can volunteer more in the future :)

(Dolphin Show at Dolphin Bay)

You might be wondering how I love animals so much and like working/visiting a Zoo. There is nothing more rewarding than to make other happy, or in this case, animals happy and comfortable. Well our Zoo was really old and decrepit until a few years ago. They remodeled all of the old parts and transfered some of the species to new homes. I understand animal rights and they shouldn't be kept in captivity and so on, but believe me, when it comes to our Zoo it's really one of the best and I stand up for it. The animals are really happy and lively, as I worked on the inside I know some keepers and they really care for them as their children, the animals are their life. They're well fed, well housed and the Zoo has a Vet Hospital on top, so if there is any emergency the hospital is right there :)
Just so you can see the difference, these were the old cages the gorillas were kept in, you can see it's a very small space with some logs and toys for them to keep busy, but not impressive in the matter of animal welfare...

With cages like these I totally understand why you wouldn't want to visit the Zoo.. but now their new homes have everything they might want :) Look!

They have grass, water, rivers, logs, nets, things to swing, lots of "toys", fruit, trees, they even have a waterfall! And the perimeter in not a barred cage, it's a natural looking wall resembling stone and some parts have glass so we can look and see their frolicking :P sometimes they even rest on those glassed parts and it's almost like we can touch them! They're not there for our entertainment, they are there just living and running around, most of the times they don't even notice humans, and we're privileged that we can watch them in their daily lives.

They also made new homes for the felines, not just the primates.
Like the primates, the felines were kept in cages as the above ones(except for the lions), the tigers, panthers, cheetahs and all, didn't have enough space to run or be calm and were always pacing.. not pretty to see :\
But now I'll show you an image of how they have their homes now! Like the primates they have grass, trees, rocks, all natural! And specially space to run, to lay down, to play :)

As you can see the photo dates from 2008, it's been a while since they started remodelling ^^ I'm very happy for the animals now, they look great and they look happy!

Well it's time to go! I'm late because I had lots of customers at work today >_<"
Bye bye, I'll post pictures in the next entry :)

Shopping Haul + 50th Anniversary of 1st man launched in space

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hello lovelies,

Today I browsed google and the cute little icon that changes announced that today was the 50th Anniversary of the first Man in Space!!! Ahah I had no idea and I'm a space semi-geek :D
Yuri Gagarine was the first man to be launched successfully to space, he stayed in Earth's Orbit (about 40000Km) in an 108 minute flight.
I know every kid wants to be an astronaut.. but I dream of the day when Space travel will be possible for us simple unskilled human beings. I would love to go for a trip to the Moon, or around Earth.. I know there opening spot for people to do it for huge amounts of money, only philanthropes and the like are able to pay for it..
Since it's a Space related thing I must let geeky self run loose and place a hard question! :D (well hard for Trekkies anyways)...

...Which one do you prefer? Picard or Kirk? :D

Ahah I personally prefer Picard because he's cool, intelligent, honorable, loyal and supportive. Unlike the womanizer Kirk, Picard has his way with the ladies but not in a flamboyant macho way, he's very suave and respectful of women :3 He also has a taste for fine music, cuisine, art.. GOGO Picard! ;D 

If you want to have a fun reading and get some insight about each Captain's leadership here is a cute article about some points about the two man that changed Space! The Final Frontier! Then  you can decide for yourself aye? ;)

...I need to get myself a Star Trek Lolita outfit :O

Well anyways! Last weekend I got together with my parents who live in another city (they came to Lisbon as they usually do once or twice a month), and I took the chance to grab my mom and do a little shopping spree!
They're all very simple things, I want to use these things as my first steps into gyaru fashion, although I still need to lose some weight, get some bad-ass make-up skills and fabulous luxurious hair curls, I'm gonna start wearing these as gyaru-inspired outfits :)
I'm really into shorts and frilly mini skirts, I have a Liz Lisa package coming from a Group Order I made with another girl, and also a package with Lolita and Gyaru stuff from my Japanese Auctions Shopping Service (which I think is currently stuck at customs ;_______; oh please PLEASE don't make me pay an arm and a leg for customs..).
So yeah, this month is shopping month lolol

Here they are, my new clothes:

Also bought this bracelet which I forgot to include in the big picture:

It's all from Pimkie and H&M (Bracelet, belts, shorts with string and floral tank top from Pimkie, brown plain shorts, hat and flowy crazy-patterned top from H&M). I wanted to go to Primark and Stradivarius but there wasn't enough time to do everything as we had to go buy me a new cellphone and still go to another mall to pick a reservation my mom made.

Here are some detailed pictures of each item, I think you can click to enlarge :)

So what do you think? I'm thinking of wearing The plain shorts and Flowy top tomorrow, I wish I already had my Liz Lisa boots to go with it but heck, not gonna wait, the weather is so nice, I'll just figure out some other shoes to wear.

Thanks for reading my uninteresting blog =)