Yaaay Christmas!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm so excited! I've always loved Christmas, not because of the tradition (I'm an atheist) or the gifts, but because of the decorations! I love Christmas Ornaments, I must say that I'm actually high on Christmas decorations at the moment.
Today I'm gonna decorate my little pine tree (my first in this new house, in my room, in my house!) and as I don't have many ornaments I asked my mom if she could borrow me some, she has beautiful tree ornaments and doesn't like setting up the tree so.. win for me :)
Tomorrow is a national holiday, and as such I'm going out on a date with my sweetheart. He's actually going to help me with my local lolita community's Christmas Contest, which consists of taking a picture with a Christmas inspired outfit and a brief description why it represents Christmas to the one that wears it (he's going to photograph me basically :P). Looking forward to it, it will be the first I'm gonna wear my sweet Desserts Collection Onepiece and socks and headbow! 

And the first time I'll go out wearing a wig. I must say I'm quite scared, not really confident enough about this wig deal, but it's normal, "first's" are always like that.
Yesterday I went shopping for golden accesories to match my Desserts Collection and I found a really cute gold cardigan. I'm gonna make some golden stars jewelry today to use in the "photo shoot".

Woooo I'm so excited, can't wait to get home and start all the preparations for tomorrow :D
I'll be back with lots of pictures, hopefully good <.<

Kiss Kiss

New Blog

Thursday, November 25, 2010


So what is this all about hm? I've decided to have a blog dedicated to my interests, mainly Lolita Fashion. One or two random things about anime/cooking/life may pop up but I really wanna make this work as a Lolita daily-life blog. Perhaps even try and start a vlog, who knows.

I thank you if you decide to read my entries and follow the blog :)