Thursday, June 9, 2011

So.. the meeting I was really looking forward to go got canceled.. ;| 
It's sad because I wanted to meet my friends and have fun fun fun T^T

I was inspired by my friend Miaww's post about random facts of yourself and decided to dig up some stupid facts about myself too :D

1 - I'm so afraid of mosquitoes I scream and tumble off chairs/beds or run away the moment I see one (just like a crazy person).

2 - When I was about 10 I was playing by my bedroom door when I saw my dad cross the hall in front of me (and of course my door) to go into the bathroom, I went there to find the bathroom was empty and dark, went to the living room and my dad was asleep. I think this was my first time seeing either a ghost or an outer body experience of another person (is it possible to see the body of a person having an outer body experience?).

3 - From the age of 4/5 until this day I'm still convinced  that one night when I was trying to fall asleep with my usual bed-light, plushies and radio songs, I saw the outline of an alien roaming my room.

4 - I'm almost 24 and I still sleep with plushies.

5 - I like to eat Knorr Cubes (not whole, bit by bit).

6 - I have a crush on Byakuya (Bleach), L (Death Note) and Portgas D. Ace (One Piece).

7 - I used to be the leader of preschool. Who would've thought right? o.o

8 - I have a soul-freezing panic of being alone.

9 - I always lick both sides of Pringles (when they're flavored) before biting them.

10 - I can't go without chocolate for long. It's become an addiction and when my body is missing it I get in withdrawal, begin to get more nervous, more moody, more irrational, more whiny.

That's it :)
Please feel free to do one if you feel like it, I would love to see random facts about you :D


くろ猫 miaaw* said...

Now I am ashamed of the lack of awesomeness in my random facts xD
I don't know if you are "lucky" to have seen those things or you were just a crazy kid xD (joking) Well, I didn't have made my opinion about supernatural things yet (I'll tell you some stories I've heard later (: )
And I have a crush on L too xD I don't know, he is so smart and mysterious ! I find him hot although he is a cartoon. Does it make sense ? xD
The number 5 and 9 are too funny xD

P.S: Let me know if you received my later. You never know with the post office!

くろ猫 miaaw* said...

*letter xD

くろ猫 miaaw* said...

I remembered that I don't know when your birthday is so I checked your profile to see if you wrote it there but you didn't xD But, it says your astrological sign is Lion and so is mine :D
When is your birthday ? :3

Hanabira Keiko said...

@ くろ猫 miaaw*: Ahah I am crazy, I see things and feel weird stuff all the time, I have a clock that senses spirits o.o I had a friend that always made fun of me for crushing on L saying he's all autistic and stuff >///<
Well my bday is on 21st Aug! When is yours? :D

くろ猫 miaaw* said...

Oh I never experienced something like that but my dad saw weird things when he was young and believe me, he may be more skeptic than me ! o.o
Well, mine is on 30th of July (:

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