Originals, Replicas, Lolita and Lady Westwood.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hello, been a while hasn't it? I've been in a slump lately, too many personal problems and no one to help me, or even to know what's actually going on.. I'm getting sicker by the day (flu) even though I'm taking some meds.. I barely sleep, I barely eat, I don't have any motivation at all but well, it's just a phase, it'll pass.

Today I found a really cool and helpful guide on how to spot fake Vivienne Westwood shoes, but I'll  get back to that in a while.

This reminded me of my displeasure regarding replicas when it comes to the Lolita Fashion. I always knew that were replicated dresses, but in the old days they were simple replicas from Mary Magdalene or Victorian Maiden designs. Classical, simple to reproduce with the necessary sewing skills. And then there was Bodyline, ok, sure, not going into Bodyline. But recently as sweet lolita is rising up everywhere and those Over-the-top Angelic Pretty prints are "oh-my-Yoda-I-need-that-into-my-life", there was a chinese indie brand shop that became a specialist in manufacturing replicas. It started pretty innocently with bag replicas, but now they're replicating all they can, and they even got new replicas now of Innocent World's prints and Emily Temple Cute's prints. I'm talking about Dream of Lolita. It's getting a bit out of hand and I'm starting to hate replicas in a manner I can't even dare and try to explain. I guess I'm ok with people that buy replicas and don't give much thought about Lolita Fashion, it's just something they want to experiment with and are curious about, hence not very serious and not going to dwell enough on the Lolita Lair to spend $400+ on a Melty Chocolate Jumperskirt. So yeah, alright, I can get those people. But as I take Lolita Fashion very passionately and use it in my daily life, as it's such an important part of my life at this moment, I really don't approve of lifestyle Lolitas (or Lolitas who are into the fashion for long and take it seriously) that buy replicas or have a closet full of replicas. I just think it's wrong. If you're so passionate about something, if it's not just a hobby, you should invest in it, you should save and wait and buy that dream print from 3 years ago that only came out in the Sendai Store! I have many hobbies and as of this I don't splurge my money on many art supplies or games, because my priority goes to Lolita. Some might say I'm an hypocrite because I have replica socks and replica shoes.
 I don't mind replica socks and replica shoes (although I'm starting to dislike replica socks), because they die easily. Shoes get dents, scruffs, scratches, things spilled on top of them, they get sunlight, they get rain, they get snow, they get poo.. and for a daily-lolita like myself shoes don't last very long, so a replica would be sort of justified. Socks the same. I always manage to get my socks full of pilling and holes, so I'm not gonna spend $40+ on Angelic Pretty socks when I can have that magical pony for about $15 for daily wear. For special occasions I'll only wear my brand socks, so they don't get too banged up. I'm a very clumsy person so I mess a lot of clothing.. a lot. 

Well that's my little ranting logic about replicas, which now leeds me to Vivienne Westwood.

I've been getting a growing passion for Lady Westwood as of late because of all the Nana I've been reading. I've always liked punk stuff, I still have some punk clothing in my non-lolita closet and I just love some of Lady Westwood's designs, such as the shoes, the little orb pendants, bracelets, chokers, and those awesome armor rings I would love to have in a quantity of like.. 3 or 4. Oh yeah and that fabulous Heart Lapel Jacket which goes for more than insane prices.. something like 1800€ for one. Same for that amazing orb lighter I'd also love to have, even though I don't smoke, I love fire and I like to carry lighting around, it's always handy anyways.
So saying this, I'm now at a moral dilemma. I see many replicas of VW stuff, mainly shoes and jewelry, and as my main source of cash-spending goes to Lolita, more than once I thought of buying replicas just because I like the pieces. Thing is.. I hate replicas. But I really don't thing I could save up to 2000€ to buy that Heart Lapel. or even give around 200€ for a real armor ring.. I'd really like to have them to use daily, or even cosplay around as Nana because her style is so cool. I'm just a bit torn...
As I said earlier, I get people that get replicas just to try out Lolita Fashion, I guess since I'm not thinking of becoming a ViviWes fanatic It would be OK for me to buy those replica armor rings,  lighter, jacket.. I already have a pair of fake RHS for Lolita (and I wore them to exhaustion), but these I love so much that in th e future I would really like to have a real pair.

Oh well, ramble ramble... so I'm just gonna stop the long, boring speech and going to leave here a very useful guide to spot fake Vivienne Westwood Shoes, I'm sure there are lots of guides like this, but I just found it very cool and wanted to share :)  -- Here it is --

I'll be sure to post some pictures of recent outings in Lolita soon :P

Thanks for reading the wall of text,  Kiss

Yaaay Christmas!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm so excited! I've always loved Christmas, not because of the tradition (I'm an atheist) or the gifts, but because of the decorations! I love Christmas Ornaments, I must say that I'm actually high on Christmas decorations at the moment.
Today I'm gonna decorate my little pine tree (my first in this new house, in my room, in my house!) and as I don't have many ornaments I asked my mom if she could borrow me some, she has beautiful tree ornaments and doesn't like setting up the tree so.. win for me :)
Tomorrow is a national holiday, and as such I'm going out on a date with my sweetheart. He's actually going to help me with my local lolita community's Christmas Contest, which consists of taking a picture with a Christmas inspired outfit and a brief description why it represents Christmas to the one that wears it (he's going to photograph me basically :P). Looking forward to it, it will be the first I'm gonna wear my sweet Desserts Collection Onepiece and socks and headbow! 

And the first time I'll go out wearing a wig. I must say I'm quite scared, not really confident enough about this wig deal, but it's normal, "first's" are always like that.
Yesterday I went shopping for golden accesories to match my Desserts Collection and I found a really cute gold cardigan. I'm gonna make some golden stars jewelry today to use in the "photo shoot".

Woooo I'm so excited, can't wait to get home and start all the preparations for tomorrow :D
I'll be back with lots of pictures, hopefully good <.<

Kiss Kiss

New Blog

Thursday, November 25, 2010


So what is this all about hm? I've decided to have a blog dedicated to my interests, mainly Lolita Fashion. One or two random things about anime/cooking/life may pop up but I really wanna make this work as a Lolita daily-life blog. Perhaps even try and start a vlog, who knows.

I thank you if you decide to read my entries and follow the blog :)