Over the Top Meeting in Lisbon

Friday, July 8, 2011


Some weeks ago there was a Lolita meting which had an Over-the-top theme, so I thought to myself "Hey! What better occasion could I have to finally try out a Hime-Lolita coordinate with my new BtSSB onepiece?"
So I bought a mini tiara (it's a bit cheap, I wanted a different model with better jewels but I didn't have much time to look for it and I wasn't going to spend 15€+ on something I would only wear once or twice for a Hime-theme). I wasn't supposed to wear those shoes, I asked my friend Lyra to borrow her dusty pink shoes but she forgot ahah xD No problem at all, but I think they would look better with that coordinate than my old offwhite shoes :P

Yeah those came a bit over-exposed but I couldn't find the originals... I didn't take any photos :P

With a Mozart-Bust-Man, he was awesome, he asked someone to take his cell and take some pictures of him with us :D

It was fun, we went to Ben&Jerry's to eat some ice-cream and shakes because Castella do Paulo was closed that day. It was a very hot day, so we kinda melted.. and the ice-cream store had their air conditioning broken so we suffered even more D: I had to take my sleeves off or I'd die with a heat stroke.

The afternoon ended with cotton candy. Eli looks so YUM in this picture xD
(I'm the little hand taking a piece)

Have I mentioned that I love feet/shoes/socks in Lolita?
Lyra went with the theme and mismatched shoes :D

Weird thing to show the jewelry.. I decided to make a rock sign still strying to manage to keep my fingers interlocked with my side-mates

The sun was too strong...

Kaaameee...haaameeee~~  AHHH~~
Dragonball? In my Lolita? Also, I was barefoot because the shoes were killing me at that point..

I wish I could spend more time with them, time flies by when you're having fun and it seemed like it wasn't enough for me. Maybe it's because I spend all my days alone and I lack some friendly human interaction, every moment I can spend with friends is precious and I value it a lot. I'm not a very outgoing person, I'm shy and I'm really an introvert with trusting issues but I do feel good when I'm with them.
So if any of you are reading this, thank you for meeting up with me, making me feel welcome and a part of the group and brightening up my days :)

Next post is a change post, so prepare... :P


Anonymous said...

I ADORE Your hime princess dress!!! It's gorgeous! Your beautiful! ^_^

rilakkuma_is_love said...

q vestido versa'til se ate' podes tirar as mangas, parece ter sido uma boa compra :)
e' sempre adora'vel ver lolitas a passear por Lisboa

くろ猫 miaaw* said...

Hello ! How are you ? Long time no see (:
I have been absent from blogger and stuff for the past weeks but I have been reading your updates ^^
Finally I took some time to leave you a comment !
I loved your outfit <3 you look so adorable and you can really pull off the Hime look ^^
I hope you are OK and I can read from you soon (:
Till then, take care *hug*

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