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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just a quick update because I'm feeling very down today..
Today was one of those days you wish you'd stay locked at home tucked in your bed..
I had to deal with stupid people who think they know more than me (and know more about my job), people that think they are superior, people who are rude and hang up on me on the phone even though I'm trying to explain things to them, boyfriend problems, easter mini-vacation problems, even the cartridge of the game I'm playing popped out when I simply picked it up and the game erased to my last saved file (which was a few hours behind in game play)...

So yeah..

Anyways, things I love:

I finally bought Pokemon White for Nintendo DS, I wanted to buy this in time to receive the Liberty Pass in order to get Victiny. You only get it through the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection as a special event pokemon, and it ends the 22th this month.

The Victory Pokemon

Boyfriend has the Black Version so we will be able to trade as soon as I get my own 3DS.Yes I'm waiting for 3DS to be released and to drop the value a bit.. my boyfriend is convincing me to buy the 3DS instead of a normal one by showing me in game photos of The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time ;_; He knows I'm a total sucker for Zelda.. and in 3D! Gosh, more money spent...

Here is a shot of our 2 games laying on my lap :P Funny shot because the dress matches.

I also wanted to buy a fabulous Liz Lisa dress from the auctions,

 but ended up losing and so I went on a shopping rage and instead bought these:

A cute warm coat which goes well with Lolita too, and a nice flowy floral dress. I've decided I need more brown in my life, specially in Classic Lolita, I need some serious brown items in my closet.
(the pictures above are from the sellers, I will provide pictures myself once the items get home)

I'll only order my shopping service to ship the items maybe next month or even the next if I'm able, I spent all my money and more this month with 3 orders and now I'm kinda snug on finances... I'm ashamed.

I also reserved a skirt from Angelic Pretty, from the recent Sheep Garden Series. It's this one:

I chose the Skirt in Blue. I initially wanted the Jumperskirt with the neck straps because I adore neck straps and I love the tiers on the skirt part (I also realized I have not a single JSK from Angelic Pretty, only One Pieces o.o), but I went for the skirt because it's versatile and I didn't want to spend that much money...

I also committed financial suicide and ordered my first Juliette and Justine piece. I fell madly in love with it once I saw it modeled on GLB, it's just perfect!

What do you think ? I think it's breathtaking, very uncommon but so beautiful!

My bank account in now nearly 0 monies and this was all in the beginning of the month, I blew all my money just like that, how is this possible...
I also tried to put some effort in my make-up the other day, because if I'm going to try Gyaru I need to have mad make-up skills right? Please tell me what you think, it's just eye make-up but I don't use much make up to start with, so it was a real effort for me...

I put some green and pink eyeshadow to match the top I was wearing, eyeliner, silver shadow on the inner corner of the eye and fake lashes. Also some blush and pink lipstick and gloss. I didn't have foundation and concealer at the time, it ran out ;_;

That's it for today, need to get home but I'm not feeling very strong right now, there are sometimes when I feel weak facing the outside world, do you ever feel like that..?

Kisses, until next time


rilakkuma_is_love said...

pff parece q esta's numa maré de azar -.-" boa sorte com tudo. mas compras fazem sempre uma pessoa sentir-se melhor :D o casaco q compras-te e' simplesmente amor *_* foi muito caro?

pff, n acredito q n esta's a usar base nem concealer e mesmo assim a tua cara parece flawless. lucky

Hanabira Keiko said...

@ rilakkuma_is_love: Pois é e a maré de azar ainda não acabou T-T
O casaco ganhei o leilão por 4200Yen, o que para mim já costuma ser caro porque compro sempre coisas por 1000Yen, 2500 máximo xD mas depois com os portes e as taxas do serviço ficou um bocadinho mais caro, por volta de 5000 e tal Yen = 40€ e tal. Não deixa de ser barato por um casaco daqueles mas perdi a cabeça xD

Aw obrigada, eu vejo imensos defeitos e sinto-me um pouco despida quando não tenho base na cara, então as olheiras notam-se tanto ;_; vou continuando a praticar :)

Hanae Fayette said...

At first I need to say: Wow, what a nice blog!

The dress you ordered is breathtaking and so extraordinary. Juliette et Justine has something magical about it's clothes, it's like having a fairy-tale in your closet. I hope I'll be able to order from them at some point. :)

Your make up is very beautiful by the way, very natural. <3

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