Lolita Meet at the Zoo

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hi :)

As I said in my last post our local community had a meeting at the Lisbon Zoo. It was tiring but fun. We ate sandwiches, cakes and raspberries, watched the aquatic animals show and the reptiles show, some of us cuddled snakes and others just chilled in the shadows :P It was a very warm and sunny day. I loved the meeting, thank you girls <3

I'll leave you with some photos and videos from the Dolphin and Sea Lions show.

This is what I wore:
JSK: Innocent World
Cardigan: L'est Rose (borrowed from my friend Carina)
Socks: Innocent World
Flower Garland: handmade by myself
Shoes: Anna House
Bag: Unknown (bought from the egl_sales)
[Backpack: Springfield Woman]

Our group!

(I'm totally pimping out the statue lol)

The picnic part!

The cute couple!

Some fun and random shots!

(In the tigers place)

(Backpack for the picnic)

(I like this picture because Cari looks so cute drinking!)

Some animals

This picture totally reminded me of Baloo from the Jungle Book:

The Reptile Show (we arrived late):

And the Aquatic Animals Show:

Focused Lolitas are Focused (this was at the beginning of the show)

I always loved how happy the dolphins look while playing around and doing their little tricks, what I love to see too is the trainers kissing them and hugging them while in the water, it shows deep affection :)

Here are the videos, first the Sea Lions, then the Dolphins.

Special thanks to Carina and Flávia for some of the photos! My camera died after filming the Dolphin show.

After the meeting we had a small interview for an internet magazine, it's not very good, the angles and zooming, also the editing look very poor and the whole thing was made a bit carelessly, but you can check it out if you know Portuguese.

Until next time :) 


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