Shopping Haul + 50th Anniversary of 1st man launched in space

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hello lovelies,

Today I browsed google and the cute little icon that changes announced that today was the 50th Anniversary of the first Man in Space!!! Ahah I had no idea and I'm a space semi-geek :D
Yuri Gagarine was the first man to be launched successfully to space, he stayed in Earth's Orbit (about 40000Km) in an 108 minute flight.
I know every kid wants to be an astronaut.. but I dream of the day when Space travel will be possible for us simple unskilled human beings. I would love to go for a trip to the Moon, or around Earth.. I know there opening spot for people to do it for huge amounts of money, only philanthropes and the like are able to pay for it..
Since it's a Space related thing I must let geeky self run loose and place a hard question! :D (well hard for Trekkies anyways)...

...Which one do you prefer? Picard or Kirk? :D

Ahah I personally prefer Picard because he's cool, intelligent, honorable, loyal and supportive. Unlike the womanizer Kirk, Picard has his way with the ladies but not in a flamboyant macho way, he's very suave and respectful of women :3 He also has a taste for fine music, cuisine, art.. GOGO Picard! ;D 

If you want to have a fun reading and get some insight about each Captain's leadership here is a cute article about some points about the two man that changed Space! The Final Frontier! Then  you can decide for yourself aye? ;)

...I need to get myself a Star Trek Lolita outfit :O

Well anyways! Last weekend I got together with my parents who live in another city (they came to Lisbon as they usually do once or twice a month), and I took the chance to grab my mom and do a little shopping spree!
They're all very simple things, I want to use these things as my first steps into gyaru fashion, although I still need to lose some weight, get some bad-ass make-up skills and fabulous luxurious hair curls, I'm gonna start wearing these as gyaru-inspired outfits :)
I'm really into shorts and frilly mini skirts, I have a Liz Lisa package coming from a Group Order I made with another girl, and also a package with Lolita and Gyaru stuff from my Japanese Auctions Shopping Service (which I think is currently stuck at customs ;_______; oh please PLEASE don't make me pay an arm and a leg for customs..).
So yeah, this month is shopping month lolol

Here they are, my new clothes:

Also bought this bracelet which I forgot to include in the big picture:

It's all from Pimkie and H&M (Bracelet, belts, shorts with string and floral tank top from Pimkie, brown plain shorts, hat and flowy crazy-patterned top from H&M). I wanted to go to Primark and Stradivarius but there wasn't enough time to do everything as we had to go buy me a new cellphone and still go to another mall to pick a reservation my mom made.

Here are some detailed pictures of each item, I think you can click to enlarge :)

So what do you think? I'm thinking of wearing The plain shorts and Flowy top tomorrow, I wish I already had my Liz Lisa boots to go with it but heck, not gonna wait, the weather is so nice, I'll just figure out some other shoes to wear.

Thanks for reading my uninteresting blog =)


くろ猫 miaaw* said...

Oh I didn't imagine you as an Astronomy fan :P
The google logo is kind of awesome with the "thing" moving to space xD (OMG I suck with this terms xD)

About your haul *-* I loved everything you bought ! Specially the floral top and the brown shorts with the string : )
I was going to make an order from YesStyle but I guess I will go visit that stores and try things to see if that style fits me.
Unfortunately the only Pimkie I know is in Norteshopping x.x Maybe I can convince my boyfriend to go there with me :P

Can't wait to see your (and mine too :P) Liz Lisa's stuff *-*

ねこちゃん said...

Thank you for following ♡ Your blog is too cute!! I like Spock the most.. (^_^*) by the way, your taste is great!

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

Great haul! ^^

Hanabira Keiko said...

@ くろ猫 miaaw*: Ahah yeah, I love space and all that stuff, when I was little I was really into that and news all the planets, asteroids, moons, natural satelites.. I knew the supernovas formation the white dwarves formation, black holes.. :P Still fascinates me!
Thank you! Those shorts were love at first sight *-* and the floral top my mom was so smitten by it she bought a cardigan with the same pattern for herself lol xD
Yes! you should try to check these stores, they have such cute gyaru-ish stylish stuff :D
Can't wait to see out stuff too! (waiting for your blog post! )

@ ねこちゃん: Aw you're welcome! I tried to enter your giveaway too but it gave me an error when I tried to comment ;\ I love Spock too! Thank you, I'm glad you say that, I feel flattered ^^

@Audrey: Thank you! I'm really i n love with those pieces, totally different style from what I'm used to wearing ;D

Chichaul said...


Your haul looks really great.
If you don't mind please share it with our fashion haul community.

Hope to see you around there!
xoxo :)

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