Hello New Year!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hello, and Happy new Year! :) Hope everyone had nice and relaxed holidays. 
My holidays weren't exactly happy and relaxed, but it's better than working right? 
I'm going to make a mega photo-dump post because I have so many pictures I want to share since the last time I updated :P

So here goes.. I won't explain much, just basic information about any other picture and situation.

Hope you like them 

This outfit I wore for a date with my boyfriend (December 1st 2010) and we took some shots for my local Lolita Community Christmas Contest, which I won! I was so surprised really, especially because the other girls that entered the Contest had all AMAZING coordinates and mine was so plain compared to theirs. I think all of them were beautiful and I feel happy that so many people voted for me and thought I was worthy of winning. Thank you <3

We have a Carrossel and a Skating Rink downtown, I organized a meeting with my local Lolitas so we can go ride the ponies and skate :D

We were suppossed to go eat some macarons at Castella do Paulo at the end of the day, but things didn't go that well and I went home alone. My boyfriend eventually got home later because I was worried and it was very cold and raining at night. Everything worked out in any case.

I'm unsure if I should make these single posts for every event or separate.. I think I'll make double dumps in each post, so it doesn't get too cluttered :]

Now on to the next Photo-dump!

Next is my outfit for the International Lolita Day. We had a wonderful meeting in Porto in the Grand Hotel (which had beautiful decoration!) and lots of people came to celebrate! We drank some tea, coffee and milk and orange juice, ate some sandwiches and some mini-pastries and also had a surprise santa gift exchange! I got some artwork from one of the girls, and I got very happy with it because I'm a fan of her artwork, I don't have any pictures but you should totally check her out! - http://carishrine.deviantart.com/

My outfit is pretty much the same as the one I used for the Contest, except since it was International Lolita Day I decided to go a bit overboard and try an OTT Sweet-classy Wintery coord. I added a white wig, and some gold sparkles in the cardigan! It would've been perfect if I had managed to get my Blue Circle lenses and my fake lashes on, but unfortunately they didn't work out.. I'm also hunting for a pair of golden shoes, so I can shine even more in this outfit!

So what do you think? Gold sparkle much? xD I was really high with golden stuff this winter, I went nuts trying to find a golden cardigan, I was so happy when I found it!

I'm a Queen! Ahaha! This hotel had the cutest pillows 

With Vânia and Ana. Vânia was very sweet and let Ana and me and another girl spend the night at her place, which is AWESOME btw

Sorry Vânia, I had to put this picture up because it looks like I'm stealing your soul :P

At the table, with all the munchies and taking care of the gifts

And this is the whole group, thank you all for the wonderful time, you're all beautiful 

So yeah, that's pretty much it for this post!
Thanks for watching 


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