The Cold days and the Asian Goodness!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hello cookies,

Well I've been very sick these last couple of weeks, first I had what I thought was a common cold, sneezing, coughing, runny nose, sore throat, all that stuff.. but then I got really sick and started to have a fever, my body was aching all over and I felt very very weak, I tried to hold on throughout a couple of days like this, with some medicine I had at home, but I even had to skip work because I almost reached 40º C of fever and even with the meds it wouldn't go down, I got worried and had no one to take care of me.. I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, I could barely move.. so after that I made an urgent appointment with my family doctor and he prescribed some usual stuff for colds and also an Antibiotic. And after a while I started to get better and was all cheerful again, when something hit me and I got sick.... Again!

Well this time was an acute gastric pain, followed by a diffuse abdominal pain. I was at work when this happened, I had to call my grandparents to take me to the hospital to the urgency ward because I could barely move due to the pain.
The doctor said it was a side effect of the Antibiotic I was taking for the previous illness, so I stopped it and he proceeded to prescribe more medical goodness <_< I hate taking meds and now I had 3 more to take, yay for me ._.
So yeah I spent some days really ill, and had to watch whatever I ate and be very careful not to catch much cold outside..

But in the meanwhile I also made a video! When I felt better of course ^^ It's a my first video, and although I thought I would be making it about Lolita, it is about Asian foods. Yes Asian foods I bought at a store I found   earlier! They're awesome, I love those stores, it's a whole world of weird and delicious food for me to try!
I'm sorry I'm not in Lolita garments either, but I will make a Lolita video soon as I'm waiting for some things to arrive! :D
Well, here goes, sorry for the nervousness and the weird pauses and the mistakes.. since it's not my mother language I was a bit nervous at first and sometimes I had the word stuck in my head but they didn't come out on time.. :x

You might need to turn the volume up a bit.. I'm going to try and find a free software to edit the sound in future.


Black, Chérie? said...

I just loveee those Koala cookies <3 They were great!

We have to go on a Mission to MM I'll teach you all my recipes <3

くろ猫 miaaw* said...

All the food looks really yummy, specialy those koala cookies *-*
I have to try those : D
Thanks for commenting my post <3

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