Cooking with Dog

Monday, September 19, 2011

Today I've stumbled upon the most delicious YouTube Channel.. it's a Japanese Cooking channel with quite a fair number of recipes and the videos are narrated by the voice of a "dog" that just sits there while this woman cooks. It's a bit unhygienic but it's a great way to watch and learn some recipes I've been dying to try (and are too hard to find/too expensive at restaurants). 
The woman is Japanese, the Narrator as well, and the fun part is trying to understand what he says in English because he has that Japanese accent when speaking, it's pretty funny. I understand it might be a bit difficult for people who are not accustomed to listen to this type of Jap-English accent, but I understand it fairly easily even without the caption subtitles.

I have no idea how I came across this, I guess I was just craving some Japanese food and through browsing and browsing and browsing some more I got linked to this channel. I'm really glad I found it! This is why I love YouTube, you have so many recipes, crafting tutorials, care tips and such, it's a whole world of possibilities and I get lost on how much stuff I want to do/try /invent/craft myself!

So I've been looking through some videos and I'm gonna leave it here the ones that I want to try out first, either because of the pure yummyness of it (like Okonomiyaki which I've been dying to try since forever) or because of the ease of finding the ingredients needed (yeah... I'm not really good at finding Japanese food supplies even though we have some good shops around.. and pretty cheap as well!)

So here are some awesome Japanese recipes!

There you go, Enjoy :)


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