Lolita Haul - Video

Friday, May 6, 2011



lyra said...

omg such an awesome video! i love you for sharing everything with us :)

please, have some rest so that you can enjoy your lolita findings happily ^-^

Hanabira Keiko said...

@lyra: Thank you darling <3 Can't wait for the oportunity to wear all those things :D
It's weird I look so tired, I've been sleeping enough.. I guess it's just the lack of make up, dunno xD

くろ猫 miaaw* said...

Aaw so many cute things *-* You are definitely the Queen of the Auctions XD
The Meta skirt has really pretty print *-* I always love that skirt but I guess I don't fit Lolita skirts XD
And that J&J dress is fabulous *-* I was surprised with how well and beautiful they wrap the package ^^
You should post the meeting pictures here because you looked amazing <3

LucyTheWhite said...

Yay um video! Estava toda em pulgas quando abriste o pacote da JetJ, parecia que era para mim ahahah. Tens de fazer mais videos!!! *

p.s: Acho que é escusado dizer que adoro todos os items! <3

Hanabira Keiko said...

@くろ猫 miaaw*: Thank you :D I always love things with cakes on it, I'll get diabetes from my Lolita prints xD
I was so surprise as well to see the wrapping, it was so delicate and beautiful ;_; I'm a fan of J&J now!
Maybe I'll post some in the future, right now need to make a video of my Gyaru haul ahah :D

@LucyTheWhite: Oh obrigada! ^^ Ainda bem que consegui esse efeito! Também já vi videos de meninas a abrirem as encomendas e fico também sempre em pulgas, é bom partilhar isto :3
Vou tentar fazer mais videos como os teus a mostrar os vestidinhos e os detalhes todos <3

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