Miyavi Concert

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Today I'm going to see Miyavi perform. I'm very surprised he came to Portugal, we don't get many japanese artists coming to our small humble country. I'm excited, I'm sure I'll see lots of people there, including people I know and haven't seen in a while.

(this was taken in my friend's+boyfriend room by the way xD)

I'm going with a friend of mine and her boyfriend, and I'll also meet with a friend of mine there :) I hope it'll be fun, I need some distraction from these last few days, it seems now everyday is a struggle for me, I really haven't felt so well since Saturday..
This is one of those times when I hate those feminine hormones and how they unbalance your head. I want to be able to be myself, fragile and with crazy mood swings but I'm not able to. I just wish someone would be compassionate and supportive whenever I'm like this...

But enough of that, I'm  really looking forward for tonight! I haven't slept much but I'll just drink some coffee and get on with the show, since I'm working now I'll go straight to the place after work, meeting my friends along the way. And tomorrow is another work day so I guess it'll be hardcore xD Well, not as hardcore as it was last summer with 3 days straight of sum mer festival,  going home to work to the festival to home to work to festival.. It was hell ;_;

Here is a video of him playing for a bit, he's just amazing like that <3


I hope I can take some nice pictures tonight


くろ猫 miaaw* said...

I wanted to go to see Miyavi as well but I had to skip classes and spend much money with the trip so I decided not to go :/
I hope he gives a great show !
Have fun : )

Oh, and I totally understand how do you fell "those days". My boyfriend always complains because I yell and cry for nothing xD

RiA SPiRAL said...

oo lucky! I've seen miyavi once, I think he is better live than just listening to his cd lol
I hope you had a lot of funnnnnnn gaa <3

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