Earthquake in Japan

Friday, March 11, 2011

Today Japan was stroke by an Earthquake, the 5th most powerful one recorded since 1900. It was an 8,9 in Richter Scale, and it caused a lot of damage and the rising of a tsunami.

This blog is mainly about my life, fashion, cute things, Asian stuff.. but I thought this was important to write about, as I feel deeply for those who have lost their lives, family members, homes in this Natural Catastrophe.

You certainly have heard of it, it's all over the news, this occured at 2:46PM in the sea near Sendai.

There are countless people missing, lots of wounded and a lot of homeless people... Police said that there are at least 300 confirmed deaths. This was one of the most powerful earthquakes Japan felt since 300 years ago. The experts say that the tsunami will be able to reach Chile in less than a day. It already reached Hawaii but the waves were only 2meters high, in Japan they were 10meters high.

This is Sendai.
The North of Japan was the region that suffered more from the Earthquake and the Tsunami.

Buildings were destroyed, there was an atomic power emergency state as one of the cooling systems from and Atomic Power Plant was not working, there were various gas leaks and many factories on fire.

I'm seriously concerned about all the people that are suffering right now, and worried if any more countries will be alright when the Tsunami hits. I always get deeply moved by these Natural Disasters, it makes me wonder about life and how fragile it is, it makes me think about my safety and my home and what I have now in my life, and that of which I should be thankful for. It makes me want to go catch a plane and help all those people suffering, but I'm just unable to do anything...

I'll leave here some videos of the Earthquake and the Tsunami.

How do you feel when something like this happens in other part of the world? Do you feel small like me? Do you feel useless?


17:03H: The death toll from the earthquake and tsunami is expected to exceed 1,000, Kyodo adds.
17:06H: The Tokyo Electric Power Company has said the pressure inside the No. 1 reactor at its Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear plant has been rising, with the risk of a radiation leak, according to the Jiji Press news agency. Tepco planned to take measures to release the pressure, the report added. The reactor's cooling system began to malfunction after the earthquake. People living close to the plant were later evacuated as a precaution.
17:08H: Nuclear physicist Dr Walt Patterson tells the BBC it sounds like there is a "serious problem" at the Fukushima-Daiichi plant. "It's the sort of thing that nuclear engineers have nightmares about," he says. "If it is not resolved in the next few hours it will get serious. If the core is uncovered, then those rods at the top may get hot enough to melt themselves."

Please be safe people of Japan :(


lyra said...

the most shocking thing to me is the nuclear plant that should have been prepared to this kind of things. why wouldn't they make a cooling system good enough to work in these situations? it's just SO wrong of them to not worry about that.

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