Coming right on time for Christmas?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I ordered a Lolita dress that I was wanting to buy as soon as it started reservation. It's an indie brand called Lolita Baroque (I think). The print is called Rabbit and Missing Letters, I fell instantly in love with it, it has bunnies how could I not? ;P

And because I was one of the first 30 customers to order this print they told me I'm getting this matching beret as a gift! Which is awesome because I love berets!

They have other colorways but I liked this one better, since I'm a bit out of sweet this seems appropriate, it also reminds me of ETC's bunny prints with cutlery which I love so much :)
It takes two weeks to make the dresses then send them.. so I hope it's here by Christmas, I wanted to wear it then.
If you wanna check out their page -> Lolita Baroque

So what do you think of the bunnies? :D


Keka said...

This print is soooo gorgeous! I like it in all colours, but the black one is also my favorite! :D

Mademoiselle Ana said...

Lucky!! I missed it! D: can't believe! >_<

Luna Clouds said...

ohhhh! it's so cute!!!
Acho que te deve ficar mto bem e num proximo almoço/lanche traz para a Shiroi ver.


Angii said...

hello sweet dear!! just nominated you for a little liebster award!~
have a look, and maybe you'll pass it on <3

Sybbill / IDS said...

Adoro esse vestido, (sou doida por coelhos btw) e esse é dos meus favoritos sem dúvida :3

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